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Parcelforce runs a telephone helpline for you to access its customer service. The telephone number is 0344 800 4466. The hours of opening are Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday 8.30am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. The Parcelforce number is a non-geographic number which has exactly the same tariff as usual national '01' and '02' numbers. This is helpful because it means that you can contact Parcelforce and often not incur any additional fees for calling them. If you have a monthly mobile phone package that includes minutes every month, and you have enough left then you will not incur any charge for calling the Parcelforce helpline. The same goes for landline phones that have inclusive phone calls. Many landline packages offer free evening and weekend calls. This makes calling the Parcelforce helpline very convenient.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Parcelforce Customer Services0344 800 4466
Parcelforce Worldwide0344 800 4466
Parcelforce tracking0344 800 4466
Parcelforce 480344 800 4466
Parcelforce 240344 800 4466
Parcelforce depots0344 800 4466
Parcelforce claims0344 800 4466
Parcelforce delivery0344 800 4466
Parcelforce collection0344 800 4466
Parcelforce international0344 800 4466
Parcelforce express0344 800 4466

Parcelforce UK is a parcel delivery network and courier service that operates in the Uk and via its agents abroad. Parcelforce is part of Royal Mail Group and benefits from using the Post Office network. Parcelforce uses a hub and spoke delivery network meaning that it is enable to quickly deliver parcels in any area of the country. It is a highly respected delivery company and is an important UK brand. Parceforce aims to provide its customers with excellent customer service and aims to ensure that every customer is left satisfied. Even at Parcelforce things occasionally go wrong. However, on these occasions you have the Parcelforce customer service team available via the Parcelforce helpline to help you get an answer to your query or problem.

Reasons to phone the Parcelforce customer service team

There are several reasons why you may need to contact the Parcelforce team via the contact number. You may simply have a query that you can't find an answer for about Parcelforce services. In this case it may be worth checking on the Parcelforce website at before you ring the helpline. You may have a query about an item that you have sent via Parcelforce and are trying to find out if the parcel has been delivered. You can use the tracking information that you would have been supplied with at the time that you sent your parcel. However, many people do lose this information and so need to speak to Parcelforce to try and find the parcels whereabouts. Perhaps you are phoning because an item that you are expecting that has been sent with Parcelforce is taking longer to arrive than expected. In this case, the Parcelforce customer service team is definitely the first call that you need to make.

You may also need to call Parcelforce to make a complaint about an aspect of their service. It is unusual to need to do this, but unfortunately sometimes you may not have any alternative. When you make your complaint via the helpline team they will guide you through Parcelforces complaints procedure. This will help you to get your complaint resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, letting you get back to making the most of Parcelforces market leading courier services.

When you call the Parcelforce helpline it may be that you have to wait in a queue before your call is answered. This is because the Parcelforce helpline is popular. You can try and limit the amount of time that you spend in the queue, by trying to phone at quieter times of the day. Parcelforce say that they are quietest just as the helpline opens first thing in the morning. It may also be worth phoning just before closing. This may get you through to the customer service team a little quicker.

Other ways to contact Parcelforce Customer Service

There are other ways that you could contact the Parcelforce customer services team. Parcelforce have an excellent contact us section of their website at On here you can send Parcelforce a secure message via on online form. Parcelforce will then get back to you as soon as possible. Many people do not wish to wait in a telephone queue or are not able to use the helpline for other reasons. In these cases using the email form is an excellent option. If you are a social media user then you can also use your account to send a message to Parcelforce. If you are a twitter user you need to visit and log in. From here you can tweet the Parcelforce team. If you would rather use Facebook then visit From here you an send a secure message. Don't forget that if you tweet the Parcelforce team then you will need to do it in 140 characters or less. Parcelforce have an excellent designated social media team that will respond quickly to your questions, queries and complaints that are sent via social media.

If you are sending a parcel overseas with Parcelforce then you may need to contact the local Parcelforce agent about the delivery of your parc el overseas. To find this contact information you will need to visit the Parcelforce website where you will find the contact telephone number for all Parcelforce overseas agents.

Parcelforce aims to provide all its customer with the very best service. However, if you do need to speak to someone regarding any aspect of Parcelforces service then you can get in touch via the helpline, the Parcelforce website or via social media.

Parcelforce Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8.30am - 5pm
9am - 5pm

Parcelforce Head Office contact address

Parcelforce Headquarters UK
25 Caldecotte Lake Drive,
Milton Keynes,

Parcelforce official website

Parcelforce contact us page

Parcelforce e-mail address

Parcelforce on Twitter

Parcelforce on Pintrest

Parcelforce blog

Parcelforce Wikipedia page

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